Steve's Tunes

Here are some songs I’ve written, recorded, produced, and/or played on.

“Sweet Little Daughter'‘. This track started with drum & bass loops by OrangeAudio (where are you orange, I’ve lost you over the years!), I then wrote the rest of the music and lyrics and played keys, strings by Luke Cissell & Christo Logan, vocals by Krista Crommett. We had a band called “Discovalenti”.

“Run From Me”, “Falling At Your Feet”, “You’re Worth Defending”, “Victory”. An EP we did for a band called “Break & Run'‘. Beautiful tunes from Nic Jennings starting with one of my favorite songs to ever play “Run From Me”. Nic composing, singing and playing acoustic. I recorded it, and a friend of Liz Imler mixed it (what was his name??). Featuring Mike Goitein drums, Tony Gregory bass, Ross ??!?? guitar, I’m playing rhodes. Luke Cissell (violin, viola) & Christo Logan (cello).

“All The Way” A song I wrote and Nic sang for me. I think he always hated it but I think it came out kind of nice. Nic on vocals, me on rhodes & backing vox, Ross on acoustic.

“Diana Goes Home” This was a track that never got released and that if Ahmond ever hears he will probably ask me to take it down! Written by Ahmond, produced by me, featuring Mike Goitein, Luke Cissell, Shu Nakamura, Christo Logan, and some others I apologize in advance for not remembering. This was about 14 years ago. We played a rock opera about Ahmond’s Goddess Diana featuring his beautiful compositions.